for me everywhere I look is something I use to create something wonderful.I can see things inside my head long before it ever comes to life.I know  that you can do anything with the simplest of things and it turn out unbelievable.

My grandmother would ,when i was small , make stuff with me ,out of all different things, scrap fabric, toilet paper rolls, all kinds of things. This is where I got my love for making things out of all kinds of this.

Now I make it a life processes of using what everyone else looks at as useless into something great. I love coming up with new things , taking something you would make from something else as make it all new again


like the egg carton thrown away , but what a beautiful rose .with only some paint and paper and know how something useless becomes something beautiful that will make someone one smile even if it is you  there are all kinds of ways to use things .


They are some great crafts out, really all you have to do is look around and you can always come up with new ones from what you see you use your imagination and you can make your wildest dreams,they are all beautiful to someone and they don’t have to be child crafts, We all would be proud to have them in our home.there are several web sites also


here are some of them


I am a true Pinterest girl, I love it. No matter what I am looking for I can find out about it on there. I have learned a lot over the last couple years with it and love it. but I am the type of person that likes to learn, no I love to learn, about everything and anything guess that’s why I  like crafting so much.


Things mean so much more to me, to make it myself. To know I used my own two hands, and made something that I love ,and that brings a smile to someone else’s face. For me, I think that is the most important to me, to see that I can make someone else happy by doing something I love to do.



I love doing crafts and I love to hear other people’s stories, so I would love to to hear how you got into crafting or something  from your childhood that has made you want to craft please leave comments