Some things about myself

Let's see I am not much about writing and even worse when it comes to talking about myself. But it has been brought to my attention that I should tell people about myself so that you can all get to know me , so here goes I am a 46 year old mother of 4… Continue reading Some things about myself


Things I am making now

Sewing is something I have always loved to do and now I find it a challenge to make what most don't anymore Me and my husband ride motorcycles a lot I enjoy this sooo much I have begun to make do rags hair wraps head bands welder capscup kooies , patches and tooshie cushions I… Continue reading Things I am making now


Things I have been working on — Home of a different kind of stitching

Been taking orders for customized blue jeans bags. It’s been lots of fun making them My sister got me to making these tote bags Been making tooshie cushions too , my husband and I ride motorcycles with friends spending hours on it that little seat gets ruff sometimes so I am going to try this […]… Continue reading Things I have been working on — Home of a different kind of stitching


Amazing Dough

Monica La Porta


AKA Cornstarch Dough or Cold Porcelain Dough

About ten or twelve years ago I started using a homemade modeling dough that was sturdy and durable when air dried and required a few cheap ingredients to make. After years spent working with the well known salt dough, I was looking for something that didn’t disappear before my eyes when the weather turned humid. At the time I was living in a small maritime town and all my sculpting efforts tended to dissolve in a poodle of salty goo. I found the recipe for the cornstarch dough almost by mistake, but I tried it nonetheless, and I have been loyal to it ever since. Recently, I saw that there is a commercial cornstarch dough sold at craft stores. It is quite expensive, but if you are in a hurry, and not sure if the fumes coming from cooking the mix of cornstarch…

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