Toilet Paper Roll Art Decor

Something, new ,I have tried and totally love it and it goes right along with my cheap and easy kinda thing, I enjoy it a lot more than I ever thought I would.I get to upcycle too.Its using , used  toilet paper rolls and turn them into something you can be proud of .

i use hot glue most i have seen use school glue but it is up to you what you choose to use , hint – if you use hot glue use a hair dryer to help get rid of all the glue strings that comes with the use of hot glue

i cut my rolls in one inch pieces to work with some do that different too. I think you should just do whatever makes sense to you for that is what crafting is all about.


there is so many things you can do and so many ways to do it , you can paint the toilet paper loops before or after, you can use acrylic paint  or spray paint it’s all up to what you prefer.


if you use school glue you will need clothes pins to hold the loops while they dry .

only your imagination can limit you with this project!