Texturizing your clay

They are many ways to texturize  your clay  my favorite is to use toilet paper rolls and hot glue. Its cheap and easy and reusable that’s the best part. I started out using doilies and then tried to use a toothpick that was bad.


the doilies turned out good and I do still use them a lot but when i started doing jewelry they were all to big so i had to improvise . seen were someone had used dough rollers and i got to thinking that could get expensive so i decided to use toilet paper rolls that i had been using for another craft . add hot glue and wow . they worked


the rolling pins work too but I just think the little stuff works better on the toilet paper rolls and the too can be reused over and over again.


You can put almost any design on them and it always comes out cool .cheap easy and reusable love it .


This is three of the necklaces I make. I have used this technique with them and they are some of my best sellers.