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Wind chimes

I have learned or came up with

the ideal of making wind chimes from this clay . I think they turned out great i love them i am trying various different ways to make then but the heart one i think is the one I love the best so far.



These were my favorite ones ,they are all different but I like them all.The flower one was more difficult to make , for I had to draw them out on the clay and cut out by hand by I like them a lot




I handpainted all of them using different mediums, I enjoy doing that a lot. The small hearts I used nail polish on them to color them then I used fishing line to hang it  with.

the heart and  large small heart one made with cookie cutter, then i use a doily to imprint on to it then baked and I painted with acrylic paint then used brown over the top to antique it,ribbon to hang it with.

The flower one I rolled the dough out and draw the flower and leafs out on to it , then cut them out by hand and painted an hung them with thin jewelry wire