Clay Ornaments

use recipe from post on 23rd of January 2017

need :

  • Cookies cutters
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cookie sheets ( i use the disposable ones so i don’t have to use my good ones)
  • Straw ( any drinking straw will work , its so you can cut out the whole for hanging the ornament)
  • Lace doily   (  so you can put e in the clay to make cool effects on it)
  • Twin,string , and ribbon ( to use to hang them with)



You roll out clay, As you would cookie dough. Use doily to to make the designs in the clay. Use cookie cutters to make the shapes you desire. Use the straw to make the holes so you will be able to hang them.


Let dry over night or bake at 250′ for 20 to 30 mins. After they are completely dry you can leave them as is ,or you can paint them how ever you see fit.