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Porcelain Clay

I recently started using this porcelain clay for all kinds of things,  it is cheap, easy ,and works great ! i love it! I have not found anything that it has not worked for yet. I promise i will keep trying to find something , its like a challenge  to me.

It can be air dried or baked in a oven for about 20 mins. on 275′ . Then all you have to do is sand it down you can paint it and you can use all kinds of different materials on it to color it


I have made so many things with this for Christmas ornaments to spring time wind chimes,and can use this for almost anything let your creatively run wild with it and please let me know what you come up with . you might be as amazed as i will be for i know they are some very creative people out there.


  • The more paint you use, the deeper or saturated the color will be. However as most paints contain water, it’s recommended to add the paint a little bit at a time to avoid your clay becoming sticky.
  • To stick pieces together, you may need to apply a little water to each piece. Lubricating your piece with water while sculpting can help you a great deal.

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